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Cecelia Ahern

Picture of PS, I Love You b Cecelia Ahern Book Cover Picture of Cecelia Ahern

Cecelia Ahern has published 10 Novels and books of short stories.

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Juliet Bressan

Picture of Entanglement  Book Cover Picture of Juliet Bressan Kate, Dave and Jonny are friends through medical school.
Sometimes it was Kate and Dave as an item and sometimes it was Kate and Jonny.
Dave and Jonny went off to Kenya for the Third World Medical Aid and they came back not as friends.
Now Kate is married to Dave and when Jonny returns problems start.

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Catherine Cookson

Picture of Blind Years Book Cover Picture of Catherine Cookson

The Blind Years
Brigget Gether had been living with the Overmeers since her parents had been killed in the Blitz.
She was promised in marriage to the Overmeer's son, Laurence, but was now having doubts.

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Josephine Cox

Picture of A Time for Us Book Cover Picture of Josephine Cox

Josephine Cox is an English author of romance novels.

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Martina Devlin

Picture of Temptation Book Cover Picture of Martina Devlin

Three women trying to find the perfect relationship with not much success.

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Fannie Flagg

Picture of Welcome to the World by Fannie Flagg Book Cover Picture of Fannie Flagg

Welcome to the World
This story centres around Dena Nordstrom who is hoping for great things from her new job. She is hoping to shed the past and look to a bright future. But will she be able to achieve this?

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Philippa Gregory

Picture of Fallen Skies by Philippa Gregory Book Cover Picture of Philippa Gregory

Fallen Skies

Lily Valence wants to forget the war.
She's determined to enjoy the world of the 1920's, the music, laughter and the pleasure.
She meets Captain Stephen Winters and is drawn to his wealth and status.
At first, he wants to forget the war, too, but it is the incessant memories that threaten their relationship.

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Erica James

Picture of The Holiday by Erica James Book Cover Picture of Erica James

Erica James was born in 1960 in England. Erica grew up in Hampshire and after many years in employment she decided to work for herself.

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Nicole Krauss

Picture of The History of Love by Nicole Krauss Book Cover Picture of Nicole Krauss

The History of Love
Leo Gursky is a man who fell in love at the age of ten and has been in love ever since.

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Mary A Larkin

Picture of Best Laid Plans by Mary A Larkin Book Cover Picture of Mary A Larkin

Mary A Larkin is an Irish author who lived happily in Belfast for 40 years before moving to the North East of England to live.

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Katharine McMahon

Picture of The Rose of Sebastopol by Katharine McMahon Book Cover Picture of Katharine McMahon

The Rose of Sebastopol
Rosa Barr has gone to help in the Crimean war in 1854. She keeps contact with her cousin, Mariella in London by letter.

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Jill Mansell

Picture of Perfect Timing by Jill Mansell Book Cover Picture of Jill Mansell

Perfect Timing
Three women trying to find the perfect relationship with not much success, so far.

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Carol Marinelli

Picture of Celebration by Carol Marinelli Book Cover Picture of Carol Marinelli

Carol Marinelli was born in England but emigrated to Australia.

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Benjamin Markovits

Picture of A Quiet Adjustment by Benjamin Markovits Book Cover Picture of Benjamin Markovits

A Quiet Adjustment
Annabella has met Lord Byron and they have fallen in love. But his half-sister, Augusta Leigh, is not overly pleased with the relationship.

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Charles Morgan

Picture of The Judge's Story by Charles Morgan Book Cover Picture of Charles Morgan

Charles Morgan was an English playwright and novelist who was born on January 22, 1894.

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Jodi Picoult

Picture of Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult Book Cover Picture of Jodi Picoult

Change of Heart
One moment June Nealon was happily looking forward to a fulfilling life with her family the next thing, there was nothing to look forward to.
Shay Bourne was no less empty, but he had not tasted life as sweet, fort it had always seemed bitter.
Now he had one chance of happiness and he was not going to miss out.

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Rosamunde Pilcher

Picture of The Collection Volume 2 by Rosamunde Pilcher Book Cover Picture of Rosamunde Pilcher

Three Books: 'Wild Mountain Thyme', 'The Empty House' and 'The End of Summer' in one Volume.

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Amanda Quick

Picture of The Affair by Amanda Quick Book Cover Picture of Amanda Quick

The Affair
Charlotte Arkendale is investigating the death of one of her clients when she makes a grim discovery.

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Nora Roberts

Picture of Chesapeake Blue by Nora Roberts Book Cover Picture of Nora Roberts

Chesapeake Blue
Seth had spent the first ten years of his life living a nightmare.
His father and his brothers rescued him and brought him back into the fold.
Now he is an adult and wishes to have a relationship with Dru, a newcomer to the town.
But first, he must face his past and the mother who sold him.

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Susan Sallis

Picture of Time of Arrival by Susan Sallis Book Cover Picture of Susan Sallis

Susan Sallis was born in Gloucester in 1929. Susan also writes under the pseudonym Susan Meadmore.

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Paullina Simons

Picture of Red Leaves by Paullina Simons Book Cover Picture of Paullina Simons

Red Leaves
When beautiful, star basketball player Kristina Kim is found murdered in the snow, Spencer O'Malley has to investigate the crime.

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Mary Jane Staples

Picture of The Lodger by Mary Jane Staples Book Cover

The Lodger
Maggie Wilson was a widow with four young children. She had no money so she had to take in a lodger. But this lodger was very peculiar indeed.

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Danielle Steel

Picture of Daddy by Danielle Steel Book Cover Picture of Danielle Steel

Danielle Steel is an American author of romantic novels.

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Charleen Swansea and Barbara Campbell

Picture of Love Stories by New Women by Charleen_Swansea and Barbara Campbell Book Cover

Love Stories by New Women
18 Love Stories by women from a different perspective.

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Jan Tempest

Picture of First Time of Asking by Jan Tempest Book Cover

First Time of Asking
This is an early Mills & Boon Romance book by a very popular author of her time.

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