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Picture of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Book Cover
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
John Berendt

Gunshots rang out in the grandest mansion in Savannah, Georgia, in the early hours of May 2, 1981. Was it murder or self-defence? A mixture of travel book and crime book.
Picture of Gangland Book Cover
Howard Blum

John Gotti was targetted by the F.B.I. for capture and prosecution and this is the inside story of how it was achieved.
Picture of The Climate of Treason Book Cover

The Climate of Treason
Andrew Boyle

Reads like a spy novel but portrays the goings on of four upper-class Cambridge-educated Englishmen worked for Russia and betrayed their country.
Picture of Helter Skelter Book Cover

Helter Skelter
Vincent Bugliosi

This is the account of the arrest and trial of Charles Manson and his subsequent conviction for the murders of Sharon Tate, Leno and Rosemary LaBianca and several others. Helter Skelter won the 1975 Edgar Award for Best Fact Crime Book. It sold more than 7 million copies and is the biggest selling true crime book ever
Picture of Portrait of a Killer Book Cover

Portrait of a Killer
Patricia Cornwell

Between August and November 1888 five women were murdered in Whitechapel. The grusome nature of their deaths caused panic and fear for months in the East End, and gave rise to the sobriquet which was to become shorthand for a serial killer JACK THE RIPPER.
Picture of The Milwaukee Murders  Book Cover

The Milwaukee Murders
Don Davis

This is story of Jeffrey Dahmer and his crimes.
Picture of Making the Wiseguys Weep Book Cover

Making the Wiseguys Weep
David Evanier

This is the story of Jimmy Roselli and his resistence to the control of the Mafia.
Picture of Jackal Book Cover

Jackal : The Secret Wars of Carlos the Jackal
John Follain

This book reveals the truth behind the legend. The fact that the Jackal could not have avoided arrest for twenty years without official collusion.
Picture of White Mischief Book Cover

White Mischief
James Fox

Reads just like a thriller but is a dazzling feat of reportage.When the body of Josslyn Hay,22nd Earl of Errol, was discovered with a bullet hole in his head just outside Nairobi in January 1941, the resulting scandal revealed a hornet`s nest of upper-class decadence and misbehaviour.
Picture of The Luciano Testament Book Cover

The Luciano Testament
Martin Gosch and Richard Hammer

Bribe by bribe, killing by killing, vendetta by vendetta, Charlie `Lucky` Luciano came to be capo di tutti capi, boss of all the bosses, from Capone to Dutch Schulz, from `Don Vitone` Genovese to Bugsy Siegel. Companion to society women, confidant of politicians, he bought judges, policemen, union leaders and politicians to change the face of the Mafia.
Picture of The Hoax Book Cover

The Hoax
Clifford Irving

This is a book about a book. It is the accusation that Howard Hughes's authorised biography is fake. It is the story of how Clifford Irving faked a biography of Howard Hughes.
Picture of Professional Killers Book Cover

Professional Killers
Gordon Kerr

This is the breakdown of a different breed of person, a kind that can mercilessly kill another human and then carry on with their lives as if nothing extraordinary has happened.
Picture of A Suitable Job For A Woman Book Cover

A Suitable Job For A Woman

The World of Female Private Investigators
Val McDermid

Val McDermid has talked with female crime solvers, whether it be going undercover to bust drug barons or serving injunctions on violent offenders. She tells of their tererifying stories and how they cope with the pressure of their job.
Picture of Murder With Venom Book Cover

Murder With Venom
Brian Marriner

16 murder cases and a study of the poisons used in them.
Picture of Mary Blandy Book Cover

Mary Blandy
A Question of Guilt
Joan Morgan

On 6th April 1752 Mary Blandy was hanged for the murder of her father. It was generally agreed that she was well treated. But why did she kill him?
Picture of Gangland Soho Book Cover

Gangland Soho
James Morton

In the latest of his immaculately researched books on gangsters, James Morton charts the dark side of Soho life, conjuring up a sleazy but colourful collection of characters who have made Soho a unique and fascinating area of London.
Picture of When Kids Kill Book Cover

When Kids Kill
Jonathan Paul

Jonathan Paul tries to get to the bottom of a very disturbing phenomenon, children who kill. He has attempted to get beyond the sensationalist headlines of the tabloids to find the root causes.
Picture of Goodfellas Book Cover

Nicholas Pileggi

Jonathan Paul tries to get to the bottom of a very disturbing phenomenon, children who kill. He has attempted to get beyond the sensationalist headlines of the tabloids to find the root causes.
Picture of You Belong to Me Book Cover

You Belong to Me
Ann Rule

YOU BELONG TO ME focuses on one of Florida`s most shocking criminals - Tim Harris, the poster-perfect `All American` State Trooper who has bizarre and fatal fantasies behind his badge of authority. Bearing the stamp of classic Ann Rule this and other cases from her personal files prove once more her undisputed status in True Crime writing.
Picture of Fred and Rose Book Cover

Fred and Rose
Howard Sounes

This is the story of how Fred and Rose West concealed their reign of murder secret for over twenty years.
Picture of The Lost Boy Book Cover

The Lost Boy
Duncan Staff

The Moors Murders horrified Britain in the 1960s. Here Duncan Staff casts new light on the motivation for the murders and on the relationship of Hindley and Brady.
Picture of Beyond Belief Book Cover

Beyond Belief
Emlyn Williams

Two different kinds of evil coalesced into one murderous, sadistic team. The deeds were premeditated to the extreme and carried out almost casually.
Picture of Evil Empire Book Cover

Evil Empire
Paul Williams

Evil Empire tells the chilling story of John Gilligan's rise to power, and his eventual downfall after the murder of Veronica Guerin.
Picture of To the Ends of the Earth Book Cover

To the Ends of the Earth
David Yallop

This man. Carlos is an enigma. His criminal acts, terrifying and daring at the same time were undertaken in circumstances that could only be described as critical. How did he evave capture for so long?