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What is Crime?
A crime is an act or offence against another person.

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Picture of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Book Cover
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
John Berendt

Picture of Gangland Book Cover
Howard Blum

Picture of The Climate of Treason Book Cover
The Climate of Treason
Andrew Boyle

Picture of Helter Skelter Book Cover
Helter Skelter
Vincent Bugliosi

Picture of Portrait of a Killer Book Cover
Portrait of a Killer
Patricia Cornwell

Picture of The Milwaukee Murders  Book Cover
Don Davis

Picture of Making the Wiseguys Weep Book Cover
Making the Wiseguys Weep
David Evanier

Picture of Jackal Book Cover
Jackal : The Secret Wars of Carlos the Jackal
John Follain

Picture of White Mischief Book Cover
White Mischief
James Fox

Picture of The Luciano Testament Book Cover
The Luciano Testament
Martin Gosch and Richard Hammer

Picture of The Hoax Book Cover
The Hoax
Clifford Irving

Picture of Professional Killers Book Cover
Professional Killers
Gordon Kerr

Picture of A Suitable Job For A Woman Book Cover
A Suitable Job For A Woman

The World of Female Private Investigators
Val McDermid

Picture of Murder With Venom Book Cover
Murder With Venom
Brian Marriner

Picture of Mary Blandy Book Cover
Mary Blandy
A Question of Guilt
Joan Morgan

Picture of Gangland Soho Book Cover
Gangland Soho
James Morton

Picture of When Kids Kill Book Cover
When Kids Kill
Jonathan Paul

Picture of Goodfellas Book Cover
Nicholas Pileggi

Picture of You Belong to Me Book Cover
You Belong to Me
Ann Rule

Picture of Fred and Rose Book Cover
Fred and Rose
Howard Sounes

Picture of The Lost Boy Book Cover
The Lost Boy
Duncan Staff

Picture of Beyond Belief Book Cover
Beyond Belief
Emlyn Williams

Picture of Evil Empire Book Cover
Evil Empire
Paul Williams

Picture of To the Ends of the Earth Book Cover
To the Ends of the Earth
David Yallop