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Short Story Books

Short Story Books
by many interesting authors
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Picture of Alentejo Blue Book Cover
Alentejo Blue
by Monica Ali

Picture of The Stories of Eva Luna Book Cover
The Stories of Eva Luna
by Isabel Allende

Picture of A Literary Woman Book Cover
A Literary Woman
by Mary Beckett

Picture of Holy Pictures Book Cover
Holy Pictures
by Clare Boylan

Picture of Selected Short Stories Book Cover
Selected Short Stories
by Joseph Conrad

Picture of The Dark Side Book Cover
Tales of the Unexpected
by Roald Dahl

Picture of The Dark Side Book Cover
The Dark Side
by Guy de Maupassant

Picture of The Portable Virgin Book Cover
The Portable Virgin
by Anne Enright

Picture of Rock Springs Book Cover
Rock Springs
by Richard Ford

Picture of Our Father's House Book Cover
Our Father's House edited
by Sister Mariella Gable

Picture of Rites of Passage Book Cover
Rites of Passage
by Joanne Greenberg

Picture of The Evil People Book Cover
The Evil People
by Peter Haining

Picture of Brief Candles Book Cover
Brief Candles
by Aldous Huxley

Picture of Legend of Sleepy Hollow Book Cover
Legend of Sleepy Hollow
by Washington Irving

Picture of A Life of Her Own Book Cover
A Life of Her Own
by Maeve Kelly

Picture of Laughable Loves Book Cover
Laughable Loves
by Milan Kundera

Picture of Tales From Bective Bridge Book Cover
Tales From Bective Bridge
by Mary Lavin

Picture of Complete Stories 2 Book Cover
Complete Stories 2
by D H Lawrence

Picture of Tallystick and Other Stories Book Cover
Tallystick and Other Stories
by Bryan MacMahon

Picture of Collected Short Stories Book Cover
Collected Short Stories of Patrick O'Brian

Picture of Flannery O'Connor Complete Stories Book Cover
Complete Stories of Flannery O'Connor

Picture of Melancholy Baby Book Cover
Melancholy Baby
by Julia O'Faolain

Picture of Destinations Book Cover
by Sheila O'Flanagan

Picture of The Captain's Paramours Book Cover
The Captain's Paramours
by K Arnold Price

Picture of Who Breaks Up the Old Moons to Make New Stars Book Cover
Who Breaks Up the Old Moons to Make New Stars
by Lucile Redmond

Picture of Nine Stories Book Cover
Nine Stories
by J D Salinger

Picture of Short Circuits Book Cover
Short Circuits
by Melanie Silgardo

Picture of Work Suspended Book Cover
Work Suspended
by Evelyn Waugh

Picture of War Children Book Cover
War Children
by Gerard Whelan

Picture of The Ballroom of Romance and Other Stories Book Cover
The Ballroom of Romance and Other Stories
by William Trevor

Picture of Prime Evil Book Cover
Prime Evil
by Various Authors


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