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Books of Irish Interest from history to politics, culture to travel

Irish Interest Books by the following authors
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Picture of An Irish Voice
An Irish Voice by Gerry Adams

A unique insight into the Irish Peace Process, this book provides a remarkable chronicle of Gerry Adams`regular articles in the New York paper The Irish Voice.

Picture of The Crack A Belfast Year
The Crack A Belfast Year by Sally Belfrage

Sally Belfrage's talent is only surpassed by her skills as a listener.
She has managed to get the most when a lot of other celebrated writers would have missed out.

Picture of Ten Men Dead
Ten Men Dead by David Beresford

The story of the 1981 Irish Hunger Strike, a very important time in Irish history.

Picture of Dear Maeve
Dear Maeve by Maeve Binchy

A collection of Maeve Binchy`s articles from The Irish Times.
Maeve takes a subtle glance at the practical problems that confront us all

Picture of Against the Tide
Against the Tide by Noel Browne

This is the story of a man whose life was dedicated to those who were worse off than himself.

Picture of An Outline of Modern Irish History 1850-1966
An Outline of Modern Irish History 1850-1966 by M E Collins

A general outline of Irish history up to the late twentieth century.
M E Collins brings us through Irish history and events from 1850 to 1966.

Picture of Gubu Nation
Gubu Nation by Damian Corless

The subtitle of this book is Grotesque Unbelievable Bizarre Unprecedented Happenings in Ireland.
And I think that says it all.

Picture of Racism and Social Change in the Republic of Ireland
Racism and Social Change in the Republic of Ireland by Bryan Fanning

This book focuses on Ireland's response to the influx of Foreign Nationals enticed by the successes of the Irish Economy.

Picture of The Best of Man Bites Dog 2
The Best of Man Bites Dog 2 by Donal Foley

From the pages of the Irish Times comes this hilarious collection of witticisms and not to be forgotten observations.

Picture of Almost Animals
Almost Animals by Kieran Furey

Kieran Furey rants and raves about some of his pet-hates in his petulant way.
Subjects include Bald Men, Bankers, Bar Staff, Doctors, Television Personalities and others.

Picture of St.Patricks Cathedral Dublin
St.Patricks Cathedral Dublin by Irish Heritage Series

The Irish Heritage Series is a series of 70 booklets featuring places and items of historical interest to the Irish people.
Examples are Patrick's Cathedral Dublin and Irish Theatre. St. Patrick's Cathedral has a big part to play in Irish history.
This pamphlet tells of the history of this cathedral and its contents. Including colour photographs and plan of the cathedral and a complete history.
Part of the Heritage Series

Picture of The Green Flag
The Green Flag by Robert Kee

A classic in its field, this is an essential work for anyone attempting to understand the complex historical forces that have shaped Ireland.

Picture of Another Country
Another Country by Gene Kerrigan

Gene Kerrigan writes of his impressions of Ireland in the 50's and 60's when he was growing up.

Picture of Ireland on Three Million Pounds a Day
Ireland on Three Million Pounds a Day by Declan Lynch.

This is a tale of mirth and jolliment only surpassed in recent times.
While our recent woes are too close to find mirth in, these tales are far enough away to tickle us.

Picture of Enemy of the Empire
Enemy of the Empire by Eamon McGuire

Eamon McGuire was influenced by what he saw in the former British Colonies.
He became chief technical officer for the IRA and was eventually captured by the CIA in Mozambique.

Picture of Paisley
Paisley by Ed Moloney

The single most controversial figure in Northern Irish politics, and the most outspoken.
This is his biography.

Picture of Error of Judgement
Error of Judgement by Chris Mullin

This is the story of how six innocent men were wrongly convicted of the biggest murder in British history.

Picture of Round Ireland in Low Gear
Round Ireland in Low Gear by Eric Newby

Lashed by storms of winter, fuelled by Guinness and warmed by thermal underwear, they set out on their travels along the highways and byways of the Isle of Erin.

Picture of The Long War
The Long War by Brendan O'Brien

This book follows the activities of the IRA from its appearance in the early seventies, through to the Good Friday Agreement and later.

Picture of Various Lives, Keats, Chapman and the Brother
Various Lives, Keats, Chapman and Brother by Flann O'Brien

The Keats and Chapman stories and the collected wisdom of the Brothers are the cream of the comic treasures from the Cruiskeen Lawn column of the Irish Times.

Picture of The Informer
The Informer by Sean O'Callaghan

This is the story of counter intelligence, of a double life and all that that entails.

Picture of The Brendan Voyage
The Brendan Voyage by Tim Severin

The sixth century voyage of St. Brendan is here re-enacted to test legend.
It is an enthralling story.

Picture of Ireland's Fate
Ireland's Fate by Robert Shepherd

When James the second and William the third fought one another at the Battle of the Boyne on July the first, the Crowns of England, Scotland and Ireland were at stake.
When William won it laid the foundations for Protestant ascendancy throughout the British Isles.

Picture of Quench the Lamp
Quench the Lamp by Alice Taylor

This is the story of a changing time when rural Ireland quenched the oil lamp, removed the poe from under the bed and threw the black pots and iron kettles under the hedge.

Picture of Jiving at the Crossroads
Jiving at the Crossroads by John Waters

Irish Times columnist John Waters creates a uniquely personal insight into the dilemmas faced by the whole generation born since de Valera`s vision of comely lads and lasses dancing at the crossroads.