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New crime fiction writers are arriving on the scene all the time and we see this with the suspense writing of Mons Kallentoft and Brian O'Connor and many more. Crime books, detective fiction, mystery novels and suspense books are of the most exciting, exhilarating and the best fiction books you can buy.

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Crime Fiction books are, undoubtably, among the best fiction books of all the fiction genres. Detective fiction is everywhere. Crime movies are very popular in the cinema and on television in a variety of mini-series. Almost every author seems to want to try their hand.

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The master murder mystery writers, such as Agatha Christie and Ian Rankin have managed to turn their craft into something akin to a science, the crime story is so perfected. Within the genre of detective fiction there are many branches. Geographicaly we have the American crime scene with crime authors James Lee Burke, Michael Connelly,Patricia Cornwell and Jonathan Kellerman writing some of the best crime novels around. UK crime fiction authors Martina Cole, Colin Dexter and Lynda la Plante are producing thrilling crime fiction novels.

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Irish authors, Benjamin Black and Declan Hughes are delivering some of the best crime fiction available. There are the Scandinavian crime writers like Stieg Larsson who give us great detective series. There are the crime authors who specialise in courtroom dramas John Grisham, the forensics experts Patricia Cornwell,and the crime detection and crime solving Michael Connelly and Ruth Rendell. There are writings about organised crime, computer crime, serial killers, white-collar crime, the list can be exhaustive but entertaining. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the talent in writing that is so evident in the best crime books.Top

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Jussi Adler Olsen

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