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Authors With Surnames Beginning With T

 Randy J Tarraborrelli
 Donna Tartt
 Alice Taylor
 Andrew Taylor
 Mildred D Taylor
 Winifred Taylor
 Jan Tempest
 Walter Tevis
 William Makepeace Thackeray
 Paul Theroux
 D M Thomas
 George Thomas
 Matthew Thomas
 E P Thompson
 Hunter S Thompson
 Kate Thompson
 David Thomson
 William Irwin Thompson
 James Thurber
 Stella Tillyard
 Mark Timlin
 Carol Timperley and Cecilia Norman
 Alvin Toffler
 Colm Toibin
 J R R Tolkien
 Sue Townsend
 Don Townshend
 Jon Trace
 Tomas Transtromer
 Ben Travers
 Maura Treacy
 John Trenhaile
 William Trevor
 Margaret Truman
 Anne Tyler
 Kathleen Tynan
 Kenneth Tynan

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