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Authors With Surnames Beginning With W

 Mick Wall
 Neale Donald Walsch
 Michael Walters
 Barbara Ward and Rene Dubos
 Marina Warner
 Ivan Waterman
 Daniel Waters
 John Waters
 Evelyn Waugh
 Fay Weldon
 Paul Weller
 H G Wells
 Irvine Welsh
 Anthony C West
 Gerard Whelan
 James McNeill Whistler
 Michael White
 Patrick White
 Terence de vere White
 Ken Wilber
 Emlyn Williams
 J P R Williams
 Nigel Williams
 Tad Williams
 Chet Williamson
 A N Wilson
 Colin Wilson
 Ian Wilson
 Jacqueline Wilson
 Ken Wilson
 Paul Wilson
 Robert Anton Wilson
 David Wiltse
 Jon Winokur
 Jeanette Winterson
 Harold Wishaw
 Kimberly Witherspoon and Andrew Friedman
 P G Wodehouse
 Terry Wogan
 Gene Wolfe
 Tom Wolfe
 Tobias Wolff
 Jack Womack
 Virginia Woolf
 Sarah Wray
 David Wright
 Stephen Wright
 Janny Wurts

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