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Some books by authors with Last Names Beginning With the Letter B

Picture of Osborne by Martin Banham Book Cover Picture of The Sea by John Banville Book Cover Picture of Jihad vs McWorld by Benjamin R Barber Book Cover Picture of The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry Book Cover Picture of Ballet by Cecil Beaton Book Cover Picture of The Silent Man by Alex Berenson Book Cover Picture of A Fair View by Henk J van den Berg Book Cover Picture of Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown Book Cover Picture of The Wanting Seed by Anthony Burgess Book Cover

Authors With Last Names Beginning With the Letter B

Author Genre More
Richard Bach Fiction The Bridge Across Forever
Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh Religion The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail
J G Ballard Fiction Empire of the Sun
Martin Banham Drama Literary Criticism
Iain Banks Fiction Walking on Glass
Iain M Banks Science Fiction Culture Series
John Banville Fiction The Book of Evidence
Benjamin R Barber Politics Jihad vs McWorld
Clive Barker Horror Imajica
Pat Barker Fiction The Ghost Road
Julian Barnes Fiction England, England
John D Barrow Science Impossibility
Sebastian Barry Fiction The Secret Scripture
Beverly Barton Crime Fiction The Fifth Victim
Colin Bateman Crime Fiction Children's
Jean Dominique-Bauby Autobiography Diving-Bell and the Butterfly
Stephen Baxter Science Fiction NASA Trilogy
Greg Bear Science Fiction Dead Lines
Cecil Beaton Autobiography Ballet
Mark Beaumont Music
Mary Beckett Short Stories A Literary Woman
Martyn Bedford Fiction Acts of Revision
Antony Beevor History Mystery of Olga Chekhova
Sally Belfrage Irish Interest Belfast
Arnold Bennett Fiction Anna of the Five Towns
John Berendt True Crime Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
Alex Berenson Thrillers The Silent Man
David Beresford Irish Interest Irish Hunger Strikes
Henk J van den Berg Art Dutch Art
John Berger Biography A Fortunate Man
Thomas Berry Environment The Dream of the Earth
Alfred Bester Science Fiction Virtual Unrealities
Nicholas Bethell History The Last Secret
John Betjeman Poetry Continual Dew
Maeve Binchy Fiction
Irish Interest
Benjamin Black Crime Fiction Quirke
Howard Blum True Crime How the FBI Broke the Mob
Giovanni Boccaccio Fiction The Decameron
Dirk Bogarde Fiction A Gentle Occupation
Dermot Bolger Fiction Irish Fiction
Michael Bond Autobiography Bears and Forebears
Bjorn Borg Sport Tennis
William Boyd Fiction Blue Afternoon
Clare Boylan Fiction Short Story
Andrew Boyle True Crime The Climate of Treason
John Boyne Fiction Children's
Arnold C Brackman History Tutankhamen
Ray Bradbury Science Fiction Fahrenheit 451
Barbara Taylor Bradford Fiction Harte Family Saga
Marion Zimmer Bradley Fantasy Avalon
Richard Brautigan Fiction In Watermelon Sugar
Ann Breen and Dick Rigby Architecture The New Waterfront
J H Brennan Children's Blood Brother
Juliet Bressan Romance Entanglement
Simon Brett Crime Fiction Murder in the Museum
Dr Sarah Brewer Health The Body Awareness Programme
Spencer Bright Music Elton John
David Brin Science Fiction Uplift
Elise Broach Fiction Desert Crossing
John Brockman Humour What are You Optimistic About?
Cassandra Brooke Fiction The Outfit
Terry Brooks Fantasy Word and the Void
Brigid Brophy Fiction Irish Fiction
Catherine Brophy Fantasy Dark Paradise
Dan Brown Fiction Robert Langdon Series
Dee Brown History Native American Indians
Noel Browne Politics Irish Politics
Bill Bryson Travel Science
John Bryson Biography The Dingo Baby
Margarete Buber Neumann Biography Milena Jesenska
Pearl S Buck Fiction The Bondmaid
Vincent Bugliosi True Crime
Charles Manson
Charles Bukowski Fiction Ham On Rye
Chris-Bunch Fantasy Seer King
John Bunyan Religion The Pilgrim's Progress
Anthony Burgess Fiction Essays
Melvin Burgess Children's Young Adult Fiction
Edmund Burke History
James Lee Burke Crime Fiction Robicheaux
Augusten Burroughs Biography Running with Scissors
William Burroughs Fiction A William Burroughs Reader
Pierce Butler Fiction Irish Fiction
A S Byatt Fiction Still Life

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