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This is aidansoninebooks.
That's the introductions over, lets get on wth the good bits.
When I was a child reading was boring. And for a long time it was like that.
I was almost twenty and going abroad when my brother gave me a suggested list of books to read I thought he was mad. At the time music was my thing

I soon realised that the isolation that was oncoming was greatly relieved by reading.

Since then it has been a growing passion in my life.
So I am presenting you with a host of many books, many of which I have not read, but I feel by reputation have the authority of being genuinely created with sincerity as its base.

General Fiction books are books that fall into no particular category.

They refuse to be categorised because they are diverse in their subjects, varied in their scope and deal with a multitude of issues that a book in a specific category may not do.

They are also aimed at a far wider audience than a genre book.

You can find books by Mitch Albom and Martin Amis on this page. There are books by many authors on the site which you will find at General Fiction Books

General Fiction Books

Featured authors include

Picture of The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom book cover The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

After living for eighty-three years a war veteran dies while saving a child from drowning.

He recovers himself to find he is somewhere he never expected to be and meets people he never thought he would see again.

Picture of The Rachel Papers by Martin Amis book cover The Rachel Papers by Martin Amis

Charles Highway, a precociously intelligent and highly sexed teenager is determined to sleep with an older woman before he turns twenty.

Rachel fits the bill perfectly and Charles plans his seduction meticulously, sets the scene with infinite care - but it doesn`t come off quite as he expects.

Follow the link below for more crime and detective books.


Crime Fiction Books

See all Crime Fiction Books on this site.

Crime Fiction books are, undoubtably, among the best fiction books of all the fiction genres. Detective fiction is everywhere.

Crime movies are very popular in the cinema and on television in a variety of mini-series.

Almost every author seems to want to try their hand.
Here are two that are very popular.

Picture of Divorcing Jack book cover Divorcing Jack by Colin Bateman

Dan Starkey is a young journalist in Belfast, in N Ireland, who shares with his wife, Patricia.
She has prodigious appetite for drinking and partying.
Then Dan meets Margaret, a beautiful student, and things begin to get out of hand.
Terrifyingly, Margaret is murdered and Patricia is kidnapped.

Picture of Lincoln Lawyer book cover Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly

Mickey Haller operates his criminal defence attorney business out of and old Lincoln because he cannot afford an office.
But a case has come his way that makes him think that things may be looking up. As a bonus, it looks as if he is on the right side for a change.
Until things seem to get a little fuzzy and Mickey is suddenly on the defensive.
Follow the link below for more crime and detective books.


Short Story Books

See all Short Story Books on this site.

Short Story writing is one of the broadest kinds around.
The only common feature is that the stories are usually fiction, and even that may not always be the case.
There are an abundant number of collections and anthologies to choose from. And there are the stalwarts, authors who specialise in the short story.
Almost every author has a go at the short story because they can feature ideas that would not work as well in a longer form.
There is something about the immediacy of the short story that is not in the novel. No long build up and introduction to characters. Just straight in.

Picture of Alentejo Blue book cover Alentejo Blue by Monica Ali

Alentejo Blue is the story of a place.
It is Mamarrosa, a small town in rural Portugal.
It is where people run from or pass through.
But for some it is where to go, when there is a reason to do so.

Picture The Dark Side book cover The Dark Side by Guy de Maupassant

Brilliantly depicting the supernatural terror of the incomprehensible in these thirty-one stories.


See all Thrillers on this site.

Thrillers are one of the most popular categories of books. It is the thrill-of-the-chase.
Will the hapless hero come good in the end? Will the fair maiden be saved? What is the fate of the Earth?

Picture of The Silent Man book cover The Silent Man by Alex Berenson

John Wells has many enemies.
His girlfriend is left for dead in one attack.
Wells discovers a plot which he has to stop at all costs.

Picture of Soft Target book cover Soft Target by Stephen Leather

When a group of armed police in an elite unit turn maverick and start to rip off drug dealers at gunpoint, undercover cop Dan `Spider` Shepherd is given his most dangerous mission so far.
His orders are to infiltrate the tight-knit team, to gain their confidence and ultimately to betray them.


Science Fiction Books

See all Science Fiction Books on this site.

Science Fiction introduces us to possibilities. It is the world of the future, a world that has the potential to come about.
The only thing standing in the way is technology. If someone told you forty years ago that there would be driverless cars you would have thought them crazy.
But we are on the cusp. There is no guarantee that they will be used by most people but the possibility is there.
The Internet was predicted in a science fiction novel.
Now it is reality.
Open up to the possibilities of the future and then just wait.

Picture of Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy book cover Hitch-Hikers-Guide-to-the-Galaxy by Douglas Adams

This is the Film tie-in edition to the massively successful TV and Radio show which followed the book of course.

Picture of Inversions book cover Inversions by Iain M Banks

This is the story of two stories. Spiralling round a central core of secrecy,
deceit, love and betrayal and linked more closely than even those involved can know - each one climbs to its own devastating climax.


Fantasy Books

See all Fantasy Books on this site.

Fantasy books are for dreamers. What is wrong with a dream? It was dreamers that brought civilisation to the world.
Perhaps it is not exactly what the dreamers contemplated, but it is a far cry from what was there before.
The creative process that sees the chance of building or making something new is unique to man on the scale that humans have achieved.
At least as far as we know at this time. But the dream was the starting point. The authors in this section have an abundant ability to dream.

Picture of On Ravens Wing Pb book cover On Ravens Wing by Morgan Llywelyn

This small boy whose only wish is to serve in battle has managed to enthral both friend and foe

Picture of The Queen of the Swords book cover
The Queen of the Swords by Michael Moorcock

The second of three volumes concerning the quests and adventures of Corum Jhaelen Irsei of the Vadhagh Folk, who is also called the Prince of the Scarlet Robe.
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Horror Fiction Books

See all Horror Fiction Books on this site.

Horror fiction is enthralling, dark and scary. A horror book is a not-put-down book.
It encapsulates the promise of a fantasy or a romance to lull you into a false sense of security.
Then it grips you with the twist of a thriller and won't let you go until you have been through the wringer of emotions.
Some have happy endings, some are dark, but you never know until the very last page.
And tempting as it is to sneak a look you are still too caught up with the here-and-now to look. And perhaps a little scared too.

Picture of The Essential Clive Barker book cover
The Essential Clive Barker by Clive Barker

Covering twenty years of work these excerpts are stunning examples of why Clive Barker has always stayed on top of his game.

Picture of Dead Until Dark book cover
Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

Sookie Stackhouse is a loner. She doesn't mix.
Her ability to read minds keeps her away from people.
But Bill comes along and mystifies her.
She can't read his mind and she does not know why.
But then she finds out.

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Children's Books

See all Children's Books on this site.

Children's Books. Enlightening, entertaining and educational. The theory is that if it is fun, it is not work.
The authors here are masters of getting the good stuff in when you don't notice it.
Roddy Doyle can be rude at times, but he is also filling you with creative ideas.
Roald Dahl is keeping you busy with theatrics and unusual behaviour but letting you know how best to behave, even though it is a bit naughty.

Picture of An Angel For May book cover
An Angel For May by Melvin Burgess

Through his fear he recognised it; it was a siren. He had heard them on films.
This was war, the German planes were coming.

Picture of Wilderness book cover
Wilderness by Roddy Doyle

Tom and Johnny are on a husky expedition in Finland having fun. Grainne has to stay at home, waiting to meet her natural mother. Meanwhile the boys' mother's sledge does not make it back to the lodge.

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Anthropology Books

See all Anthropology Books on this site.

Anthropology is the study of humans in a societal sense in both the past and the present circumstances.
There are branches of anthropology, social, cultural, linguistic and biological, all studying different aspects of human behaviour in their own surroundings.
Robert Ardrey is an exponent of biological anthropology.
Desmond Morris works on cultural anthropology and explains how humans and animals behave in relation to other humans and other animals.
Laurens van der Post questions how humans fit into the surroundings of a world where humans and animals must co-exist in order for it to continue at all.

Picture of Robert Ardrey Territorial Imperative book cover The Territorial Imperative by Robert Ardrey

This is a synopsis of a very broad subject. Biology has been simplified and brought to the readership of the general public without losing of its immense complexity or wonder.

Picture of The Naked Ape book cover
The Naked Ape by Desmond Morris

The Naked Ape is an intensely provocative and compulsively entertaining study of Man, his sexual and social habits, his aggressions and affections, his gestures and emotions..


Art Books

See all Art Books on this site.

Art Books comprises art history, art appreciation and art instruction.
Here we have G C Argan writing about the Renaissance period of art.
Douglas Cooper writing on Paul Klee and Donald Sassoon gives us an in-depth view on the Mona Lisa.
Henk J van den Berg is also featured with his Dutch views. For beginners wanting to experiment we have Watercolour and Sketching for Beginners.

Picture of Renaissance book cover Renaissance by G C Argan

This book has a general account of painting during the Renaissance period relating to its historical and social background.

Picture of A Fair View book cover A Fair View by Henk J van den Berg

This is a review of Dutch Painting, perhaps not by the Masters but of interest as it is intertwined with comments on Queen Beatrix and on Dutch life in general.
With 30 full colour plates and a review of each picture. This is a fascinating book to augment the interest in the more celebrated colleagues of the Netherlands.


Biography & Autobiography Books

See all Biographies and Autobiographies on this site.

Biography & Autobiography includes a wide vista of works on people from Literature, music, entertainment, politics, the sciences.
In fact almost every subject you can think of.
There are books about President Barak Obama, actor James Dean, comedians Peter Kay and Griff Rhys Jones and many more.

Picture of Boulevard of Broken Dreams book cover Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Paul Alexander

No more than a promising actor with a handful of films to his name when he died in 1955, James Dean has since been elevated to an iconic status surpassed only by Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe.
This book draws on new and documented sources to reveal to truth behind the myths.

Picture of The Sound of Laughter book cover The Sound of Laughter by Peter Kay

One of the funniest and best loved comedians tells us how he came to achieve his extraordinary success.

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Business Books

See all Business Books on this site.

Business books tell us how business works and how it sometimes does not work.
Here we have examples of Ryanair and Wall-Mart and some excellent writing on business practices by eminent businessmen.

Picture of Beyond Certainty book cover
Beyond Certainty by Charles Handy

More economic advice from a master

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Computer & Technology Books

See all Computer Books on this site.

Computer & Technology - The Cyber world explained and examined.
Books on the effects of computer technology, hacking, and a look at one of the early exponents of the computer worlds, IBM.

Picture of Fifth Generation book cover

Feigenbaum and McCorduck by The Fifth Generation

A new breed of supercomputer is about to alter the balance of power in the world.
Can the West rise to the challenge?

Picture of Inside IBM book cover
Inside IBM by Jacques Maisonrouge

A fascinating look at the management of a company that has withstood the test of time through adversity.

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Correspondence Books

See all Correspondence Books on this site.

Correspondence is how we relate to each other.
Communication through letters has always been popular, even if nowadays it happens more often in the cloud.
Here are some correspondences between some very renowned people which gives us an insight into their lives that we otherwise would not be able to get.

Picture of Love Letters of Great Men book cover

Love Letters of Great Men by Ursula Doyle

From King Henry V111(to Anne Bolyn) to G.K.Chesterton(to Francs Blogg), this book contains some of the most romantic letters sent to a loved one by men of great renown.

Picture of Women`s Voices through 2000 Years of letters book cover
Women`s Voices through 2000 Years of letters by Olga Kenyon

Written by women famous and unknown, these letters enable the reader to look directly into and compare women's lives throughout the ages.

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Drama Books

See all Drama Books on this site.

Here we have books on the theatre, acting and screenplays.

Picture of Philadelphia Here I Come book cover

Philadelphia Here I Come by Brian Friel

Gareth O'Donnell has become disillusioned with life in Ireland, where things were not going so well for him.
He packs his bags and sets off for Philadelphia to seek better fortune.

Picture of Michael Collins: Film Script and Journal book cover
Michael Collins: Film Script and Journal by Neil Jordan

The screenplay written by Neil Jordan over years.
Includes stills from the film and notes written during the shooting.

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Environment & Nature Books

See all Environment and Nature Books on this site.

The environment is possibly the most important issue we face today.
It is the issue that we cannot afford to get wrong. The consequences are far too great to take the environment and nature lightly.
Here we have some of the world's best writers on the subject to enlighten us.

Picture of The Dream of the Earth book cover

The Dream of the Earth by Thomas Berry

The Dream of the Earth is about the link between scientific breakthrough and the general consciousness, the link between the world that is alive and the people that live on it

Picture of Only One Earth book cover
Only One Earth by Barbara Ward and Rene Dubos

The unofficial report for the United Nations Conference on Human Environment held in Stockholm in 1972.

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Essays Books

See all Essays Books on this site.

There are famous essays and famous essayists. Here we have some famous essayists and some not so famous essayists.
Anthony Burgess would have been known for his outspoken personality. His journalism and essays speak for themselves.
Tim Parks delivers more an autobiographical style, writing about everyday things. Kurt Vonnegut Jr takes a poke at consumerism as he describes Galapagos.
Tom Wolfe takes a more political stance as he perceives how the establishment are dealing with the new kids on the block.

Picture of Homage to QWERT YUIOP book cover

Homage to QWERT YUIOP by Anthony Burgess

Burgesss`s reputation as a novelist is assured but the title of this book refers more to his journalistic writings than his novels.
He has written many thousands of words and has collected some of the best in this volume.

Picture of Adultery and Other Diversions book cover
Adultery and Other Diversions by Tim Parks

This collection of autobiographical essays ranges over adultery and parenthood, ghosts and gods, fiction and football.
Living in Italy seems to sharpen the author`s prose and make him even more cleverly English.

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Gardening Books

See all Gardening Books on this site.

Picture of Dwarf Rhododendrons

Dwarf Rhododendrons by Peter A Cox

This comprehensive guide to Dwarf Rhododendrons covers every aspect of their cultivation and propagation.

Picture of Dictionary of Annual Plants book cover
Dictionary of Annual Plants by H G Witham Fogg

All you need to know about annual plants, both outdoor and indoor.

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Health Books

See all Health Books on this site.

Picture of The Body Awareness Programme book cover

The Body Awareness Programme by Dr Sarah Brewer

This book debunks traditional diets and stresses the need for a new approach to dieting.
The Body Awareness Programme shows you the easy way to achieve life-long weight-loss, health and vitality.

Picture of Anyone Can Run book cover
Anyone Can Run by Joan Geraghty

Joan Geraghty started running by practicing on the treadmill in the gym.
She built up her regime to the point where she runs every day.
She has great tips on progressing your running skills in a healthy way.

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History Books

See all History Books on this site.

Picture of The Quest for Arthur's Britain book cover

The Quest for Arthur's Britain by Geoffrey Ashe

This book examines the historical foundations of the Arthurian tradition and then presents the results of excavations at Cadbury (reputed site of Camelot).

Picture of The Last Secret book cover
The Last Secret by Nicholas Bethell

1945 50,000 Cossacks, men, women and children found themselves in Nazi Germany.
Some were prisoners of war, others refugees from the tyranny of Stalin.
Many of them ended up fighting for Hitler believing that when the war had ended they could throw themselves on the mercy of the Allies.
None of them could have expected what followed.
They were systematically herded onto trains and forcibly repatriated.
Many killed themselves rather than face Stalin`s revenge.

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Humour Books

See all Humour Books on this site.

Picture of Carrott Roots book cover
Carrott Roots by Jasper Carrott

Hotter than Joan Collin's memoirs, Bigger than Jeffrey Archer's ego, Wilder than yesterday in Parliament, its CARROTT ROOTS

Picture of Mad Strikes Backs book cover
Mad Strikes Backs by Harvey Kurtzman

50TH Anniversary Facsimile Edition of the first Mad paperbacks.
The second in the series, this is where it all started.

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Irish Interest Books

See all Irish Interest Books on this site.

Picture of Free Ireland Towards a Lasting Peace book cover

Free Ireland Towards a Lasting Peace by Gerry Adams

Gerry Adam's thoughts on the Peace Process and it's development.

Picture of Gubu Nation book cover
Gubu Nation by Damian-Corless

The subtitle of this book is Grotesque Unbelievable Bizarre Unprecedented Happenings in Ireland.
I think that says it all.

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Literary Criticism Books

See all Literary Criticism Books on this site.

Picture of Dark Sun book cover
Dark Sun by Graham Hough

D H Lawrence has been one of the great formative influences on the twentieth century, not just in literature, but also in conduct and belief.
Graham Hough believes that he is the only modern English writer, besides Yeats, to break into new spiritual territory outside the bounds of Christianity.

Picture of Margin Released book cover
Margin Released by J B Priestley

J B Priestley has had a prestigious output of work.
Here he describes his craft with adeptness and style.

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Military History Books

See all Military History Books on this site.

Picture of Convoy book cover

Convoy by Paul Kemp

This is an authoritative history of the Artic convoys of essential supplies for the Allied forces for Russia. It is the nitty gritty of warfare

Picture of Bravo Two Zero book cover
Bravo Two Zero by Andy McNab

This is the story of a top-secret SAS mission that would go deep behind enemy lines in Iraq.

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Music Books

See all Music Books on this site.

Picture of Essential Elton book cover
Essential Elton by Spencer Bright

Essential Elton charts the highs and lows in the career of one of pop`s most dazzling characters.
From "Your Song" to "Candle in the Wind" in `97.
There are also the moments of shameless extravagance, charity and vanity

Picture of Suburban 100 Paperback book cover
Suburban 100 by Paul Weller

Drawing from songs from The Jam.
The Style Council and his solo career, this collection of lyrics show Weller's ability as a storyteller and writer.

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Occult Books

See all Occult Books on this site.

Picture of Zelator book cover

Zelator by David Ovason

This is a classic of the occult genre, full of obscure bits of kabbalistic lore and stories.

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Philosophy Books

See all Philosophy Books on this site.

Picture of Sonas - Celtic Thoughts on Happiness book cover

Sonas - Celtic Thoughts on Happiness by Catherine Conlon

Catherine Conlon - Sonas
With contributions from Joseph O'Connor, Patricia Scanlan, David Norris, Cathy Kelly, Sheila O'Flanagan, Alice Taylor and many more.
This is a book about happiness and how a diverse group of people achieve it.

Picture of From Beginning to End book cover
From Beginning to End by Robert Fulghum

Robert Fulghum is an ex-minister and he often is asked about rituals and ceremonies.
His response is to inform us about the rituals we all share, knowingly or unknowingly.

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Poetry Books

See all Poetry Books on this site.

Picture of Some Of Me Poetry book cover
Some Of Me Poetry by Pam Ayres

Pam Ayres Some Of Me Poetry
Pam Ayres in effervescence, ready to burst with enthusiasm for life.
She enjoys the everyday things we pass over.

Picture of Continual Dew book cover
Continual Dew by John Betjeman

Containing the much-maligned poem SLOUGH this book of poems has also been called a Little book of bourgeois poetry.
It also includes the poem `The Arrest of Oscar Wilde at the Cadogan Hotel`.

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Politics Books

See all Politics Books on this site.

Picture of Hegemony or Survival book cover

Hegemony or Survival by Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky Hegemony or Survival
A history of American foreign policy from

Picture of Point of Departure book cover
Point of Departure by Robin Cook

This is an unvarnished, behind the scenes account of the run up to the Iraq War as seen by one of Britain`s foremost politicians.
Robin Cook was Leader of the House of Commons on March 17 2003 when he resigned from the Cabinet in protest at the oncoming war.

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Books on Religion

See all Books About Religion on this site.

Picture of Dead Sea Scrolls A Reappraisal book cover

Dead Sea Scrolls A Reappraisal by J M Allegro

In 1947 an Arab shepherd found several ancient scrolls in a cave.
They were found to be from around the time of Christ and shed light on Jewish sectarianism of the time.

Picture of Teilhard de Chardin book cover
Le Milieu Divin by Teilhard de Chardin

A religious book by a man deeply devoted to God.

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Science Books

See all Science Books on this site.

Picture of Moving Waters book cover

Moving Water by John Stewart Collis

This book tells the story of water's journey out of the sea right through to its eventual return.

Picture of Faster book cover
Faster by James Gleick

Faster dissects with acute insight and mordant with our unceasing struggle to squeeze as much out of the time we have, and never quite seem to get enough.

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Sociology Books

See all Sociology Books on this site.

Picture of A Stranger's Eye book cover

A Stranger's Eye by Fergal Keane

Fergal Keane is a BBC Foreign Correspondent.
Having spent years abroad reporting on current events in such places as South Africa, Asia and the Balkans, Keane undertook a journey through Britain.
This was for a programme called Forgotten Britain. Foreign Correspondent.

Picture of A Death in the Sanchez Family book cover
A Death in the Sanchez Family by Oscar Lewis

Aunt Guadalupe dies of cancer and her death becomes a major event for everyone because of the things that have to be done.

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Sport Books

See all Sports Books on this site.

Picture of My Life and Game book cover

My Life and Game by Bjorn Borg

Bjorn Borg speaks of his tennis game and how it affected his life.
There are also instructions on tennis game play, useful to anybody who wants to improve their game.

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Travel & Language Books

See all Travel Books on this site.

Picture of Toujours Provence book cover

Toujours Provence by Peter Mayle

The second in Mayle's Provence series, Peter gets himself into many a pickle and enjoys it.

Picture of Full Tilt book cover
Full Tilt by Dervla Murphy

Dervla describes her adventures cycling from Dunkirk to Delhi in 1963.

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True Crime Books

See all True Crime Books on this site.

Picture of Helter Skelter book cover

Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi

This is the account of the arrest and trial of Charles Manson and his subsequent conviction for the murders of Sharon Tate, Leno and Rosemary LaBianca and several others.
Helter Skelter won the 1975 Edgar Award for Best Fact Crime Book.
It sold more than 7 million copies and is the biggest selling true crime book ever.

Picture of A Rage to Kill book cover
A Rage to Kill by Ann Rule

It was a chain of events that led Silas Cool to commit an act that also led to complete devastation for so many people. Ann Rule picks out the person behind the crime and unlocks the secrets that contribute to the horror.

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Unexplained Phenomenon Books

See all Unexplained Phenomenon Books on this site.

Picture of Psychic Detective book cover

Psychic Detective by Keith Charles

Keith Charles, as Keith Wright, was a serving officer in the C.I.D. of London's Metropolitan police.
Whilst there he used his 'psychic powers' to assist him in solving crimes which he would not hitherto have been able to solve.
This is his claim in this book

Picture of Herbert-B-Greenhouse by Herbert B Greenhouse
Premonitions by Herbert B Greenhouse

More than two hundred people had premonitions of the avalanche of slag that took the lives of 144 people in Aberfan in 1966.
Fourteen years before the sinking of the Titanic a novelist told the story in almost perfect detail. He called the ship the Titan.
These and more incidents are features in this book which catalogues many examples of disasters being foretold.

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